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My favourite Yoga Pose has changed at every stage of my practice during my Yoga Journey. As a beginner, I was enthralled by handstands. Not that I could do it, but it looked strong and awesome. One of the many lessons in Yoga is realizing the fact that basic Asanas are in no way inferior or easier than the advanced balancing or strength postures. All Yoga postures are meant to be meditative and balancing. Yoga Asana practice is not to be based on the intensity or difficulty of Yoga postures but the intent and heart behind them. Yoga Asanas are a major part of Yoga practice to prepare the body for higher spiritual practices, but it is a part of a vast horizon, and not the end itself.

As I progressed in my practice and reached a stage where I could actually do a handstand, following innumerable industrious hours, I was in love with Shavasana. I felt gratified and conscious with that feeling of transiting into tranquility after an intense session of Yogasana. I evolved as my understanding of Yoga deepened. I became more aware of my physical entity. I understood the difference between Yoga, sports, and contortion. It was only Yoga Asana if it was mindful, purposeful, stable, and practiced with contentment and surrender.

My favourite Yoga Asana reflected my health and my vision at every point in my journey. And it changed as my insight deepened.

Today, I would say my favorite asana is Tadasana for its profound characteristics. Tadasana is my forever grace. No matter how I am feeling or where I am, if I am warming up or I am sweating already, it is my constant.

Tadasana was the first posture that I learned, and it took me the longest to improve. A lot of practitioners who practice advanced Asanas skip it for being too basic, but I make sure to include. Tadasana is a must in all my sessions for all the practitioners. The difficulty level of Tadasana depends on the intensity that a practitioner puts into it. It can vary from super easy to super difficult. I strongly feel, any setting of the session- Therapeutic Yoga session, pre-or post-natal needs, intergenerational settings, corporate settings, disability, or any other setup, Tadasana can and should be practiced by all.

It can be tailored as per the practitioner’s need and every variation with the varied intensity of Tadasana is complete in itself. Whether done as a standing asana or sitting or even lying supine or prone, it’s the most rooted Asana choice for me. Tadasana is helpful in strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration, steadiness, and breathing, and it is for everyone! Literally for every individual, in every circumstance. Personally, I start my day with a Tadasana and I end my day with Tadasana. The spine plays a major role in all aspects of life and holds a much greater significance spiritually along with physical and physiological significance. Tadasana helps to develop and stimulate the Pranic (energy) channels located in our spine. The elementary technique of Tadasana, which is stretching and nourishing the spinal cord, is the foundation of all practices in Yoga. I discovered my favorite pose after exploring the vastness and dynamism of Yoga, which (goes without saying) is just a drop in the ocean.

Final Words

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