Why Online 1-on-1 Personalized Instruction is the Best Way to Learn Yoga

The global epidemic has upended our lives. Be it education, business, or entertainment, we’ve been forced to move online. What’s worse is with people stuck indoors owing to nationwide lockdowns, physical fitness and health have taken the worse beating.

Taking cognizance of this, various fitness trainers and yoga coaches are making efforts to bring exercise to one’s home. They have been leveraging the power of video conferencing apps to conduct live online classes, thereby helping people achieve and sustain their fitness goals. Not only as a temporary fix for the pandemic but even after that, online training and 1-on-1 Personalized Yoga show great promise.

How do you stand to gain from an online 1on1 personalized yoga instruction session?

We’ll talk about it in just a minute. But before that, online training must not be confused with streaming a recorded video on YouTube. It is a more personalized approach involving interaction between the instructor and the participants. It could be conducted as a group or one-on-one.

We vote in favor of one-on-one personalized yoga instruction sessions for the following reasons.

Gain access to global talent

The internet has wiped out the barriers of physical distance. Gone are the days when one would have to travel to connect with like-minded people. With most instructors taking their practice online, you get access to the best yoga instructors across the world.

Great for beginners

Yoga newbies benefit the most from private one-on-one online classes. If you haven’t exercised for long, or aren’t much of a fitness buff, flexibility can be an issue when starting out.

If you enroll for an online group class, you may find it difficult to keep up with the other members of your class, especially those who have been training for a while and hence are at a higher flexibility level. This can get overwhelming and discouraging.

One-on-one online yoga instruction will let you learn at your own pace. A private yoga instructor gives you personal attention. Thus, they’ll help get you into form before you actually start practicing.

A Personalised Approach

Yoga not only helps one keep fit and in shape, but can also be used to manage the symptoms of specific illnesses in the body.

A yoga class adopts a generalized system of instruction. All the participants learn the same set of asanas. On the contrary, in a private online yoga class, your instructor will align the exercises with your goals and concerns.

Thus, it is a more targeted and personalized method of promoting health and well-being. For one, yoga might be about building strength, for another, it could be about achieving flexibility or helping with stress management. The exercise plan can always be tailored to your requirements, kicking it up a notch when needed or toning it down on other days.

Not only this, all forms of exercise – yoga or gyming – must take into consideration the health concerns, if any. It demands personal consultation sessions, which may not always be possible when you practice in a class. That’s where one-on-one online instruction has benefits. Individualized attention makes your yoga sessions more productive and effective. You get a chance to work on specific issues.


Lack of time is a common complaint we’ve heard from people who fail to keep up with their yoga and exercise sessions. Classes are scheduled for a fixed time.

Opting for online one-on-one instruction guarantees that you never miss a session. You can set up your yoga sessions to fit your current schedule. To add, you can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

It is Cheaper

Yes, you heard us right. Going online is cost-saving to the instructor too. They can conduct training sessions from their homes or existing facilities. Those savings definitely transfer to you. Besides, with longer subscriptions, do expect to save more.

It is without a doubt that online one-on-one instruction is the better way to learn yoga. Along with being a highly flexible and personalized approach, it can help deepen one’s understanding of the practice and take it to the next level.

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